• Material Technology

    Research in functionality including diet,
    immunity improvement and improvement of
    menopausal symptoms on basis of Individual
    Recognition Material Technical Prowess.

  • Research & Development

    Development of health function and
    treatment substances by expert manpower
    dedicated to material research &

  • Specification of cultivation area

    Securing of high-quality raw material and
    cost competitiveness via specialized
    business of cultivation area


Purple Root

Purple root symbolizes an image of purple which emblematizes both Lithospermum erythrorhizon(purple
root) which refers to ganoderma lucidum root and beauty of healthful female.
Purple Root is Daygen’s health functional food brand which is made up with ‘Gromwell Extract’ which
shows an excellent effect in suppressing sarcopenia and formulating muscles, and ‘Ecklonia Cava
Extract’, better known as gamtae which is helpful for improvement of quality of sleep and female
All the products of Purple Root are made by using the raw materials which are jointly developed by
Daygen’s Research Institute which is composed of PhD level researchers and researchers of Korea Food
Research Institute under the direct planning of expert pharmacists.

Lithospermum Erythrorhizon

Jindo in South Jeolla Province is the main production area of Lithosperm um erythrorhizon for medicinal use, which grows wild in Korea, China and Japan. According to The Encyclopedia of Oriental Medicine, Lithospermum erythrorhizon removes heat killing in blood meal, (a disease-causing element in The amount of blood) detoxifies, smooths rash, facilitates blood circulation, and promotes proud flesh quickly. Lithospermum erythrorhizon, which is mainly utilized for medicinal use, is also used as an ingredient6 for Jindo Hongju Liquor, which is a proof for its stability. Like this, shikonin extracted from Lithosperm um erythrorhizon, which would be pretty much good for health, exercises a composite effect of enhancing health functionality via muscular activation, and by doing so, the substance is capable of preventing degenerative diseases, keeping muscle mass and containing a yo-yo effect which might occur from dieting.

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Ecklonia Cava; Sea Trumpet

Gamtae, or sea trumpet, which grows naturally in the southern coast of Korea and Jeju Island, is the safe health functional food resource which holds the high- level recognition of the people and contains (for containing) fucoidan and phlorotannin components. The Encyclopedia of Life Science states that gamtae, also known as Ecklonia cava which contains those ingredients, has a higher efficacy in antioxidation, anticancer, anti-inflammatory activities, anti-aging effect, and curbing of high blood pressure. Thus, gamtae extract which is helpful for health is known to be a great ingredient which holds an effect in controlling female hormone and improving osteoporosisvia such nutrients as arginic acid, iodine and potassium. .

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